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From Yelp user Moneek M.:

I'm so nit-picky about cleaning that I can't clean my house good enough to be satisfied with own I have to hire someone else to do it for me (or at least that helps me with my denial issues about the fact that I'd rather enjoy my hedonistic lifestyle than remove the mildew from my shower).

After working with a number of other cleaning professionals over the years whom I mostly just tolerated because I didn't want to have to start over again with getting references, yada ya, I was happy to connect with Ozzy. Here's why:

1. She's thorough and doesn't leave things kinda half-cleaned like a lot of cleaners I've hired in the past.

2. I can leave her a list of priorities: Things/rooms I want cleaned in ranked order. That way I know I'll get the things cleaned (completely) that are critical and if she runs out of time as she moves lower on the list, that's okay.

3. (And the best reason!) She worked with both of my young girls on a Saturday to completely reorganize their room and closet, including taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. They still love her for it!

I don't give out stars so freely and easily, so I hope my 5 stars represents my satisfaction with Secret Service!